Dear Reader,

Absolute Finserve provides short-term and long-term investment guidance in the stock and commodity markets. Investing involves market risk, as we all know. As a company, we are very transparent when it comes to sharing risk factors with our clients. There are two sides of the market either profit or loss, we do not want to provide loss recommendations to any of our clients. As part of our due diligence process, we provide recommendation based on technical and fundamental parameters. As with every investment, we would like to see our clients make money as well, but losses are also part of the market and to be expected. In order to minimize market risk, we can reduce the number of trades, place the stop loss, hedge, etc., but we cannot eliminate it completely. The majority of our clients experience profits and losses at various times during their tenure, but at the end of their tenure, if they follow our recommendation, they will still have an acceptable return.

We at Absolute Finserve never claim 100% accuracy; we maintain 70-80% accuracy from our past performance. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results. Our existing and prospective clients are always encouraged to use strict stop losses when trading. Trading requires strict discipline which needs to be followed with strict manners. We communicate risk profiling, product suitability, risk associated with every investment by SMS, Call and Mail to every client on their registered Mail Id and we advise every client to read and understand the risk associated in the stock market.

We request all the readers to read our terms and conditions for refund policy.

Term and conditions: Know your customer (KYC), risk profiling, service agreement and welcome call is the part of compliance and cost of compliance is already included in the subscription Fee. Only, after completion of compliance, the service shall start according to the subscription plan.

Voluntary termination of agreement from client side-- In case of a voluntary termination of the agreement, the client would be required to give a 30- day prior written notice and should write the reason of termination of an agreement. Client gives one month notice to Investment advisor, for such notice period, a notice pay from the fee shall be deducted.

Voluntary termination of agreement from IA side- In case, if client earns profit of 4 times amount of the subscription fee paid (excluding taxes) then the Investment Advisor may terminate the agreement after sending written mail/notice to client registered email id/address. We would like to inform you that, any non-paid recommendation provided by Investment Advisor is a part of services and after joining the paid services, the profit or loss earned in non-paid recommendation will be counted while calculating the performance of the portfolio, the profit or loss earned in non-paid recommendation will be added in the overall performance.

The Investment advisor reserves the right to restrict, suspend or discontinue the client’s access to its advisory services in the context of the abusive nature of (any type) of the client towards the IA or its employees. If the client’s services have been disabled, suspended, or discontinued by the IA, the client agrees to not create a new account/service, whether with the client’s information or otherwise. The IA reserves the right to show cause to the client for his misconduct on the part of the services provided by the IA and proceed accordingly.

Partial Refund Policy-Non-discounted subscription plans are partially refundable and refund amount will be sole discretion and decided by management after studying the case. Minimum service fee of one quarter plus the compliance cost and a notice pay of one month shall have to borne by the client. In the event of unfortunate demise of the client, Advisor will refund the balance tenure subscription amount to the family of the client after receiving of respective documents. The Client expressly agrees and undertakes that in event of refund of the subscription fee (fully or partially) paid to the Investment advisor by the client, the client will be signing a refund/settlement letter with the IA stating the amount of refund and other details including withdrawal of any complaints made by the client (if any) after the refund amount is settled by the IA into the clients account. The client agrees to sign & share the same as and when required by the Investment Advisor for early and speedy disposal of the case.

No Refund Policy- Discounted Subscription plans and plan with duration of 1 day to 3 months are non-refundable. The Advisor is an investment advisor which never claims 100% guarantee in the securities and commodity market. As per the past performances, the Investment Advisor maintains 70-80% call accuracy consistently. Our research team is highly qualified and does all their analytics based on technical and fundamental analysis with due diligence. The investment Advisor believe that client is aware of both profit and loss side of the market.

Most of the client join Absolute Finserve after getting a decent profit in their non-paid recommendation and we believe that client is aware of both profit and loss side of the market.

Please Note-Profit and Loss is a part of market movement. Neither Absolute Finserve nor their owner or director or any employee will not be responsible of any profit and loss in the securities market. However, we take lot of precautions while providing recommendation and manage risk for the portfolio of the client. We take care of all our clients in profit and loss as well.